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Pre-Employment Evaluations

Efficient Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluations

Efficient Pre-




Pre-employment Testing


When it comes to hiring, a crucial component can be ensuring the psychological fitness of potential candidates.

We offer HR administrators and security professionals dependable, quick, and in-depth pre-employment screening for their security officer applicants.

Our one-hour evaluations, conducted by qualified psychologists, use standardized questionnaires to assess a candidate’s background, psychological readiness, and essential background factors for specialized roles.

Get a customized and completely virtual Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluation tailored to your specific needs, delivered within 15 days.

Our assessments meet industry and legal standards, simplifying compliance while providing detailed insights.

Easily integrate our evaluations into your existing procedures, with reports sent directly to your department.

Ready to partner with an efficient and reliable pre-employment evaluator?

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Delivering Expert Care

Adult Autism Diagnostic Assessment

Gain transformative insights into your neurotype, pinpointing both your strengths and challenges through a comprehensive evaluation.

Act 235 /120Evaluations

Fulfill Pennsylvania state mental fitness requirements for lethal weapon certification in public service roles with our specialized evaluations.

Adoption Evaluations

Advance your adoption process with our straightforward psychological evaluations, designed to be respectful and supportive.

Career Planning Assessment

Navigate your career path effectively with our Occupational Evaluations, tailored to your skills, interests, and personality.

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Let’s Align on Your Pre-Employment
Evaluation Needs

Let’s Align on Your Pre-Employment Evaluation Needs

Before diving in, let’s touch base.

Before diving in, let’s touch base.

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