ADHD Therapy

Navigating ADHD? You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Navigating ADHD?

You Don’t Have to

Do It Alone



ADHD-informed psychotherapy isn’t just about managing symptoms—it’s about rediscovering joy, confidence, and connection in every aspect of your life.

We begin by truly getting to know you. We delve deep into your personal history, relationships, and the unique ways ADHD touches your life. This thorough assessment creates a therapy plan tailored precisely for you.

Rather than generalized solutions, we zoom in on what impacts you the most. With innovative evidence-based methods, we address these specific challenges, ensuring progress in areas you care about.

Each week, we regularly evaluate and reassess our approach, ensuring that our support is tailored to you and that no detail is overlooked.

We start where you feel the most stress, adapting strategies to meet evolving challenges. Whether you’re grappling with emotional struggles, relationships, or mood regulation, our goal is a holistic support system.

We offer a safe space to explore each facet of the ADHD experiance triad: the regulatory, practical and emotional for a well-rounded growth journey.

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Our Services

Delivering Expert Care

ADHD Couples Therapy

Navigate ADHD-related challenges in your relationship through specialized therapy. Enhance communication, manage tasks, and build intimacy with our expert therapists.

ADHD Sex Therapy

Empower your sex life through ADHD-informed, sex-positive, and kink-allied therapy. Suitable for individuals, groups, and couples

Women and ADHD Group

Join a supportive network of women with ADHD for shared understanding, strategies, and knowledge.

Partners of ADHD Group

Connect with others who love someone with ADHD. Gain understanding, insights, and strategies for managing relationship dynamics.

ADHD Diagnostic Evaluation

Get a specialized, virtual ADHD evaluation to clarify your symptoms and recommend next steps—all from your own home.

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